— Content is a big deal in health insurance!

▲ A sample of the research report slides.


Content as a Service was a specific and specialised piece of work intended for specialist consultants at Bound. I challenged myself by jumping in and taking the leading design role in place of my Bound colleagues who’d signed on to this initiative but were unavailable.

As a strategic designer, I brought agile, human-centred design principles to what was destined to otherwise be a tech-driven solution for content management and governance at Bupa. What started as a headless CMS installation I expanded into a service design project with an opportunity to improve the content lifecycle, optimise workflow and make the whole process more human.


Strategic Service Design Lead


Product Owner, Product Manager, a "Customer Success Management Lead", Change Manager and two Analysts, Tech Partner & Principal.


6 months


Digital whiteboards and lots of video calls!


Playing to my strengths as a design consultant I set a tempo of ongoing workshops to foster a fun and collaborative team culture. Striving to workshop outputs toward completing a lean canvas, I prepped and facilitated sessions to bring subject-matter-experts together. My intent was to expose a broad but thorough view of all types of content across various Bupa properties.

I spent many, many hours interviewing 30+ Bupa stakeholders, researching and holding various digital whiteboard ideation sessions and workshops.


Content governance and technology at Bupa is siloed, insular and full of individualised, legacy processes that evolved program-to-program, team-to-team.

From the expansive interview and research approach I exposed the full picture of how Bupa's content ecosystem was not serving the customer base as needed.


To get Bupa Australia started on their journey to build a better content service within the organisation, I delivered the following:

  • 30+ hour-long, formal stakeholders interviews to capture the breadth and depth of Bupa's content ecosystem.
  • Six, 90 minute workshops to collaboratively define the problem and iteratively describe solutions to content governance, maturity, CMS adoption and milestones for ongoing, sustainable success.
  • Five core principles, developed with content writers and managers.
  • A content model codeveloped by our tech team to inform the direction of the technical implementation of the Headless CMS that would support our strategic design approach.

When I finished up and handed-over our recommendation report, I left Bupa with clear next steps to begin building their Content as a Service. The core high-level initiatives, each with multiple, practical actions were:

  • Establish a strong foundation
  • Foster adoption & understanding
  • Integration and continual improvement
  • Advocate and Sustain

These represent the in-principle headlines beneath which tangible and measurable actions were mapped into a roadmap to ensure sustainable adoption of the content service.

▲ A view of our shared whiteboard in Miro.