BlueKey, single sign-on and security.

▲ High fidelity screen flows used to scope and improve the entire experience.


I onboarded with an existing team at Bupa to bring design guidance to a new service initiative called “BlueKey”. This was an initiative to bring all of a customer’s Bupa digital services together under one single digital identity.

The team consisted of front and back end developers, business analysts, a product manager and product owner, delivery manager and sundry other engaged and accountable stakeholders and subject matter experts.


Strategic Service &UX Design Lead


Product Owner, Product Manager, Delivery Manage, Solution Architect, and six developers.


12 months


Figma, Atlassian and Microsoft suite...


I immediately identified that the BlueKey program was lacking in upfront discovery and service design rigor. I quickly engaged with the team to access years of context and to download stakeholder knowledge. I set about quickly producing essential artifacts such as a service blueprint, customer journey maps as well as end-to-end interface flows.

I put in place a testing plan to begin to validate a lot of the work already done and to ensure continuous monitoring and improvement. Finally, I audited the code and interface to determine whether the product would meet accessibility standards.


The solution as it was built was a mess of various developers' contributions who’d built upon the out-of-the-box framework again and again with little rigor or hand-over, resulting in competing style sheets, jarring interaction design and poor accessibility.

In order to validate the approach and interface I undertook to test our direction in the following ways.

  • A quantitative survey of 800+ health insurance customers to with questions targetted at discovering the appeitite for self-service, holistic digital health care products.
  • Usablility testing with 3 rounds of 15 participants of key features and interfaces within the account creation service.
  • Various, showcases, workshops and meetings with engaged stakeholders to validate and socialise the findings of the reserch.


Here's an example prototype I used for testing the account creation experience. Depsite reams of 'best practice' guidance on ubiquitous steps such as password creation, we had to thoroughly test interactions like this to validate the need to change from how BlueKey had already been built.

▲ Test results presentation with SUS scores from multiple rounds of usability testing.


As I delivered this piece of work I’m happy to report that I provided designs and a direction for a thoroughly compliant, accessible experience. Backed by rigorous testing, BlueKey will provide a genuinely improved direction toward a holistic, singular healthcare service experience for Bupa customers.

Furthermore I lead a team at Bupa of friendly colleagues, any of whom I’d happily expect to be able to work with again. As a consultant and design evangelist I brought my team together on the journey to teach and improve their breadth of expertise to become informed stakeholders in any design discussion as well as encouraging new advocates of accessible product design.